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PROJECT (IBRD Loan No. 7786-ID (4834 -- IND))

Invitation for Bids
International Competitive Bidding

  1. This Invitation for Bids follows the General Procurement Notice for this project that appeared in
    Development Business and DG Market dated August 6, 2006.
  2. The Republic of Indonesia has received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) towards the cost of the Strategic Roads Infrastructure Project (SRIP) and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this loan to cover eligible payments under the Contract for :
    Package No. : 01-11113-SRIP-WP1/RBA17786(4834 )104-11
    Length Effective/Functional : 13.11 Km.
    Programs : Palrnerah Ring Road. Jambi is situated in the Province of Jambi in Central Sumatera Island. Jambi is the name of the city. which also serves as the Provincial capital of Jambi Province. The project is a betterment of an existing road that bypasses the co gested road sections inside Jambi City. The betterment works include construction of the pavement layers that was designed to carry present and future commodity truck traffic There project also include improvement of vertical alignment, side and cross drainage systems, and others.
    Minimum Average Annual
    Construction Turnover
    : US$, 12.900.000
    Name & Address for
    Procurement Team (Pokja)
    : Procurement Team (Pokja)
    Pelaksanaan Jalan Nasional Wilayah I Provinsi iambi
    Strategic Roads Infrastructure Protect (SKIP)
    Jin. Jenderal &Airmen No 141 Keiurahan Tarnbaksan
    Floor/Room No, -. 1st Fioor/Ruang Pokja
    City : JAMBI
    Zip Code : 36136
    Province of Jambi
    Phone : +62 741 25550
    Facs : +62 741 25550

    Bidding will be conducted through international competitive bidding procedures specified in the World Bank's "Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and International Development Association Credits, May 2004, Revised October 1, 2006" and is open to bidders from al countries as defined in the guidelines.

  3. The Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Directorate General of Highways (DGH) as the owner of the Project, invites al bidders for the works mentioned above with qualification of bidders as stated in the bidding document. The successful Bidder wil be required to satisfy Post Qualification criteria which are included in the Bidding Documents.
  4. Bidders may choose to either download the bidding documents from the MPW e-procurement website (to do this, access code mentioned on paragraph 5 below is required) or from the Procurement Team (by request via email/air-land mail at address as stated above) as well as from dgMarket ( In addition to bidding document, the detail of bidding information can be obtained from the Procurement Team (by request) at the address as stated above from the 26th day of April, 2011 and up to 24 hours prior to the deadline of bid submission, from 09.00 to 16.00 Western Indonesian Time
  5. Al bidders - Foreign and Domestic are strongly suggested to use the e-procurement system. In order to use this system, the bidder must register in the system electronical y through the Ministry Public Works website, (www.pu.goid) under the procurement section to obtain access code to the system. In particular, for international bidders, this access code will only valid for SRIP project. While for domestic bidders usual registration for APBN (procurement for national budgeting) wil be applicable. Also please note that use of the e-Procurement system implemented by the Ministry of Public Works does not constitute electronic submission of bids.
    Note :
    • To obtain this access code (free of charges), the bidder can click on the fol owing column/ command "Menu utama">Registrasi Penyedia Jasa" or click on Iink support/index.asp?Site_id=10501/. By this access code the Bidders can register to the specific package.
    • Manual for online registration can be downloaded at (banner text) and the Manual can be download from the "Download Box' at above right corner of the site.
  6. Foreign bidders who are interested to work in Indonesia should have a working license certification "Badan Usaha Jasa Konstruksi Asing - BUJKA" (Public Works Ministry Decree No. 50/PRT/M/1991 and No 28/PRI/M/2007) from Ministry of Public Works poor to signing the contract
  7. Bidders may form a Joint Venture or Joint Operation to enhance their qualification, Important:
    If a bidder who forms a new joint venture or the members of a joint venture is changed after registration, re-register before the deadline of bid submission is required for new access code as described on paragraph 5 above
  8. There wil be no Pre Bid Meeting and no site inspection arranged by the Committee, therefore any requests for clarifications should be addressed to the Committee through the above address. The last date for receiving requests for clarification wil be 17 May 2011. Then, the Committee wil send, inform, upload the supplement/ an addendum consists of al clarification by 23 May 2011.
  9. Bids must be delivered to the address above by 10.00 am local time 07 June 2011 (one original and three copies). Al bids must be accompanied by a bid security of IDR 2,000,000,000 (two bil ion Rupiah) or equivalent amount in a freely convertible currency. Late bids wil be rejected. Bids wil be opened in the presence of bidders' representatives and anyone who chooses to attend at the address above at 10.00 am one time 07 June 2011 Bids shal be valid for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days after Bid Opening.

Jambi. 26 April 2011
Chairman of Procurement Team (Pokja)

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